Dan Morrissey

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Pickled Piglet, Birmingham

I first visited The Pickled Piglet when it initially opened a couple of years ago, and the food was brilliant but the place lacked atmosphere and so I wasn't overly persuaded to return. Added to the fact it prided itself on meat and classic dishes, and yet didn't open on a Sunday for roast dinners and I've had few opportunities to revisit. Skip forward two years, and the Piglet has had an almighty facelift inside and out. It's now more obvious and inviting on Gas Street (before you'd have walked past and not even noticed it), inside the bar has been moved down a whole flight of stairs and greets you with cosy warm colours and benches and stools, and the upstairs dining room has been redesigned with renaissance style blues and greys, and industrial wooden benches, tables and comfy chairs. A vast improvement aesthetically.

When it comes to food, now we could finally get a Sunday roast we went for it along with a handful of the small plates as starters. My paprika slow-cooked beef small plate was delicious. Delicate but rich flavours, and the beef was melt-in-the-mouth, we also had beautifully soft honey and saffron belly pork and a pate, all equally tasty (although I will never understand saffron! My palette obviously isn't refined enough to detect it at all!).

Saffron & Honey Belly Pork

Paprika slow-cooked beef

Pate, chutney and crackers

The roasts were delicious. I will never understand why such a venue wouldn't do a classic Sunday dinner, but now they do, so all is forgiven! The veg is so colourful, fresh, and cooked perfectly. Potatoes are tasty too and the meat has clearly been chosen for it's quality and is cooked to perfection. I'd actually have liked to have a a bit more meat on the plate if I'm honest, although the lamb shoulder which is served off the bone and shaped into a circle was delicious. Beef option was nicely pink without being raw  but again was lacking in quantity slightly. Just an extra slice would've done it!

Shoulder of lamb, Sunday Roast

We barely had room for desert, but managed to share a marmalade bread and butter pudding, which was equally delicious.

Drink selection is good too, a range of cocktails, happy hour, and an extensive wine list is available.

The only downsides were that the music, although pleasant,  was on the loud side. As I'd visited with my parents that was a bit of an issue as "we go to these places to talk"! Also, service was slightly slow, especially initially for drinks (we only had water and lemonade and limes). The waiting staff have a lot of stairs to navigate though and it was quite busy so it's understandable.

One of Birmingham's hidden gems though, and totally worth a visit for Sunday, or for the Monday £10 steak/wine deal.

The bill came to £96 for four people, two courses (+ a desert) and no alcohol.