Dan Morrissey

Radio Presenter | Voiceover | #MadCatWoman


It all started in the depths of lovely Devon in the '80s when the Morrissey household, presumably for good reason, did not possess a new-fangled television. Afternoons were spent overhearing The Archers or something, I seem to remember a lot of Women's Hour too. When I was old enough to have my own radio, it would've been Radio 1 in those days. Steve Wright, Simon Mayo and chums. Then Radio 5 came along with it's awesome kids programming and more-is-more approach to production. The seed was planted.

In my teenage years, after a move to Bristol, I was involved in community radio and then work experience at GWR (Now Heart) and Galaxy (Now Kiss), followed by a trek across the country to university in Kent. There, I was involved in the student station C4 Radio whilst partially paying attention to a degree in Radio Film and Television. And Geography (so as to not get lost on my way back to Bristol).

After a successful 10 months of studenting, I moved to Bournemouth where an exciting little venture called The NRG was entering it's second year. It was like Kiss 100 but by the seaside. Rude not to. In my time at NRG, and The Fire as it became (thanks, Europe) I learned so much about how radio worked, what sounded awesome, the first song on the emergency CD, how to throw audio around in production software, worked with the worlds biggest jingle company and generally titted about having an awesome time.

Four BRILLIANT years later, having presented virtually every show, revamped the station sound twice and produced an awesome breakfast show, it was time to move on. The bright lights of Hampshire, The Isle of Wight and Surrounding Areas were calling.

Power FM (now Capital) had always been a beacon of awesome hit music radio on the South Coast, and with the weight of Actual Capital Radio London behind it, an offer to present evenings came along. Stints on stage at Power In The Park, double-heading experimental comedy shows, presenting daytimes and drive-time followed. Hampshire became home, I bought a flat, settled, and then immediately applied for a job in Birmingham.

At the time, BRMB was very much the Power FM of Birmingham, but three times the size and in an extremely posh and shiny building with trees. After some wrangling, they also relented and put me on the evening show. This was the start of a very confusing journey through a radio station which has had approximately 47 guises since. I honestly can't build a timeline of what show I was on and where, but it involved drivetime for a bit, then mid-mornings, then afternoons, then I wasn't on in Birmingham for a few months (years?) whilst they built a mini-network of other stations and now 9 years later, it's not even called BRMB any more.


Free Radio was born out of a need to drag an ancient, crumbling but much loved beast through cosmetic surgery and life-coaching and is now a fantastic pop station for a brilliant, vibrant and growing city and region and I'm still as proud to be part of it as I was when I joined.

I'm on 12-2pm every weekday being cheeky but lovely about celebs and life in and around Brum, and playing "All The Biggest Hits, All Day Long".